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About Us
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About Us

About us

AboutUs-workshop Eastern YANRE Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd. is an international fitness equipment manufacturer based in Beijing and Wuhu with a factory area of 37000 square meters. It was established in 1997 on three simple foundations: self-designed, high quality products; and an affordable price.
For decades, our company invested over 8 million USD for technology development. We built the R&D center with experts from; exercise physiology, biomechanics, ergonomics, machinery, manufacturing and technology advancement. We are focused on self-designed valuable fitness equipment for our customers. We are so proud of our innovation and we are not the only ones that feel that way, from professional athletes and collegiate sports teams to government agencies and health clubs, we can always find good solutions with our creative design for their potential training needs and current exercise problems.
  AboutUs-boss President George Yang Senior Adviser of China Fitness Culture Reserch Association Awarded by China fitness Outstanding Achivement prize in 2012  
If the innovation is the soul of a company, the quality is definitely the company’s life, from the towering parabola designed 73 series to the simplest device for sky yoga, our standards of detail and quality can be seen in every welded joint, powder-coated finish, material used, and training angle. We believe that training equipment should feel a certain way. We build equipment that is smooth and sturdy, giving the user a sense of comfort and confidence that helps them get a better workout.
Fitness is a growing business with scores of manufacturers but even amongst those numbers YANRE Fitness stands proudly above the others for building the strongest and most reasonably priced in the world. We also have the confidence to compare with the top international brands.
Please call us and arrange to see our products in person. We truly value the relationship of each and every customer. In our opinion, the sale is not over until you come back to buy from us again. We take 100% ownership and responsibility for your experience with our company from the first day you reach out to inquire about our products until the day you call us back and tell us about your next order!


Modern equipment

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