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61A01 Seated Shoulder Press
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The shoulder press machine is a great way for beginner to start developing a strong, powerful set of shoulders. A broad set of shoulders are the pinnacle of toned muscular body and using a seated shoulder press machine will help to develop and condition the shoulder (deltoid) muscles in preparation for more advanced exercise. Features: … Continue reading 61A01 Seated Shoulder Press

The lateral raise machine is a great way to keep shoulders strong with this easy lifting exercise, replicates the body’s natural strength curve throughout the entire range of motion. Features: Main frame adopts 75*118*3.0 semi elliptical pipe, functional area adopts 50*120*3.0 flat oval pipe, movement arm adopts 50*100*3.0mm, joint pipe is 50*120*3.0 flat oval pipe. All pipes … Continue reading 61A03 Seated Lateral Raise

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