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EI 7310 Biceps Curl

73 Series Strength Machine:


The arm curl or “preacher” curl exercise isolates the muscles of the upper arm. Adjustable bench makes the machines can be workout for different height of people.


  1. Main frame adopts 75*130*3.0mm semi-elliptic pipe,Functional area adopts 58*101*3.0mm semi-elliptic pipe,movement arms adopt 48*76*3.0mm semi-elliptic pipe,joint pipe adopts 70*140*3.0mm rectangular pipe.
  2. The whole machine is designed according to the principle of Ergonomic to ensure the scientific movement angle . Double trajectory structure; Single arm movement.
  3. Full shroud, aluminum alloy edge. Wire cable inside the pipe. Anodized aluminum alloy end cap, durable and looks nice. Alloy steel guide rod to ensure smooth movement.
  4. Cushion with MC foaming filler, PU leather, unique arc headrest, and integral ABS guard cover. Cushion with gas spring adjustment system. Safe and convenient.
  5. Integrated die cast aluminum alloy movement arm, durable and stable.
  6. Stainless steel universal joint, effectively protect the wrist during exercise.
  7. POM material wire spool, equipped with big size aluminum alloy cap, involute curve, in line with the principles of muscle movement biology.
About Product
Dimensions (L x W x H)
1560*930*1610 mm (61*37*63 in)
N.W.:228kgs/503lbs G.W.:238kgs/525lbs
Product Code
EI 7310
Weight Stack Weight in kgs
Weight Stack Weight in lbs

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