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61A01 Seated Shoulder Press
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61A series - pop price

61A series gym equipment is our newest line and also the current lowest price line, it is designed to help our distributor to face the current bad economy situiation, it is the best line for customer who wants low price products with good quality.

73 series - top quality

The 73 Series gym equipment experience begins with precise lines and a strikingly modern aesthetic. Hundreds of individual parts work together to create an elegant selectorized line that is enticing to exercisers of all fitness levels. Over 15 patents makes users different feeling for gym equipment.

62 series - delicacy

62 series gym equipment Designed with a clean and appealing look. It delivers essential strength training needs in an elegant and clean design. Ease of use makes it an inviting introduction to strength training and its effectiveness makes it ideal for returning exercisers.

Modern equipment

Join us to discover and try our modern equipment